Employee Benefit Related Considerations During COVID-19

Facts surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are constantly evolving. We are committed to sharing valuable resources regularly. There a lot of employee benefit related considerations during this time but a few we wanted to highlight.

TeleHealth (TelaDoc) Options
  • Health insurance carriers and plans are adapting and developing as we navigate this landscape.
  • TeleHealth options have been available for many plans but are adjusting and providing services for additional benefits.
  • Please check with your plan and carrier for available TeleHealth options for members.
  • TelaDoc is available to purchase as an individual and/or for your company. The link provided below is available for individual members to purchase TelaDoc individually. If you are interested in the benefit for your company, please contact your Associated representative. 
  • Click here for a TelaDoc individual quote.
Employee Assistance Program
  • Many employers have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available through their benefit offering and/or offer a completely separate EAP program.
  • Now is a good time to remind employees of access to the EAP.
  • If you need additional information on your company’s EAP program, please contact us and we will provide a flyer and/or additional information.
Regular Remote Staff Check-ins
  • As more and more employees begin to work from home, we suggest reaching out to them to check-in regularly.
Benefits Administration
  • If your company is in a situation where layoffs or terminations will be occurring and you have questions surrounding when employee medical coverage and other benefits will term, reach out to your Associated contact to discuss the impact to your company and employees along with available options.
  • Employers may consider covering the cost or a portion of the cost for health insurance and other benefits through a severance agreement with employees for a certain period of time. 
  • In line with this discussion, we can also review how deductions for employees would be impacted with applicable terminations of coverage.

Mental Health is always important, but during this difficult time in our country and world, it will be even more critical to be aware of the mental health for all.  Click to "download now" below for more information related to this topic.  Feel free to share this resource with your employees as you see fit. If you have a need for additional resources surrounding mental health, please contact us and we can provide additional materials.

Please contact your Associated representative with questions and/or concerns.


Maintaining Mental Well-being During a Quarantine

Learn how to maintain your mental well-being during a quarantine with this Live Well, Work Well article.

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